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We believe that any attempt to kill bacteria directly will only result in selection for resistance and that the answer to the problem of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is to switch off resistance via an agent that will not kill bacteria directly – leaving the killing to be done by subsequent treatment with antibiotics.

The Nemesis approach, can not only be used for existing AMR infections, but has also been proven to be effective in stopping horizontal resistance-gene transfer in bacteria – offering the potential for prevention of infection with AMR bacteria via probiotic administration.

Nemesis Transmid© technologies use modified, multiplexed programmable RNA-guided endonucleases – the first of which has been proven to inactivate resistance to 8 families of beta-lactamase antibiotics including extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBL), carbapenemases, and metallo beta-lactamases.


Our intention is to produce a pipeline of products that can be used as a pre-treatment for AMR infections to re-sensitise the causal bacteria to existing antibiotics. We also plan to work with pharma companies to produce Nemesis Transmid© that will protect newly developed anti-infective assets from resistance – thereby vastly lengthening the period for return of investment (ROI).

Nemesis Transmid© technologies can also be applied to the inactivation of bacterial virulence factors as well as to biosynthetic and industrial microbiology applications.

Nemesis Symbiotics© for Treatment of AMR Infections
Nemesis Symbiotics© for Prevention of AMR Infections
Nemesis Transmids© for Delivery of Symbiotics©