Nemesis Bioscience Ltd (Cambridge, UK) announced today that it has been awarded an Entrepreneurship Award by King’s College, Cambridge. The King’s College judges, who include current members of the College as well as alumni Gerard Mizrahi, Hermann Hauser and Stuart Lyons, reached their decision after detailed presentations on the company’s business plan, technology and intellectual property.

Nemesis Bioscience was founded in March 2014 to address the global threat posed by increasing bacterial resistance to commonly used antibiotics. Nemesis will commercialise inventions to make existing antibiotics effective once more, by not only overcoming resistant bacterial infections but also by preventing them in susceptible patients. The company recently moved into new laboratory space on the Babraham Research Campus near Cambridge.

The CEO of Nemesis, Dr Frank Massam commented, “We are obviously delighted by King’s College’s decision, which is a wonderful validation of our science and business approach. The financial award is very welcome, and we are as excited by the possibility of future business and technology advice from the College Entrepreneurship Board’s members”.
Dr Rob Wallach, Vice-Provost of King’s College said “We all are very impressed by the excellent and innovative research of Nemesis Bioscience which addresses bacterial resistance to antibiotics.  Their ideas and approach have the potential to be very far-reaching and of great benefit to many of us.  King’s College is very pleased to be involved and to give support“.