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Simon Sturge



Simon Sturge joined Nemesis as Chairman in November 2018. He is is currently Executive Vice President of Business, Operations and Strategy at Merck Healthcare and is a member of their Healthcare Executive Committee.

He is an experienced healthcare executive in the UK and has built a very strong reputation not only in the biotechnology industry but also in the investment community.

His experience includes eight years at Celltech, and he was the founder and CEO of RiboTargets which later reversed into Vernalis Plc. After serving as CEO of OctoPlus N.V. for two years, he became Senior Vice President of Boehringer Ingelheim’s Biopharmaceutical Business. Mr Sturge is a regular speaker at conferences including the World Economic Forum. In 2005 he was voted Chief Executive Officer of the year by his peers.

Frank Massam, PhD


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Frank joined the company as CEO in July 2014. Before this he was Chief Operating Officer at Population Genetics Technologies with responsibility for the company’s commercial strategy and operations, including inward investment and out-licensing agreements with major life science organisations.

He was previously Senior Director of Strategic Planning and New Business Development at Agilent Technologies, President of Pharmagene, Inc. and Senior Director of Business Development at Incyte Genomics in California. At Incyte he led a team that out-licensed the company’s sequence and expression databases to senior executives at 28 of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies.

Before this he was the President of AMS Neve, Inc., a Siemens company in the USA. He also founded and managed The Idbury Group, a life-science focused strategic marketing consultancy. Originally trained as a microbiologist in the UK’s Public Health Laboratory Service, he holds a PhD in Clinical Microbiology.

Prof. Conrad Lichtenstein, PhD


Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Conrad joined Nemesis Bioscience in 2014 after eight years as Chief Scientific Officer for Population Genetics Technologies where he developed methods to enable the rapid, low-cost, simultaneous analysis of candidate genes in multiple genomes and the identification of rare variants in mixed DNA samples from human, plant and microbial sources.

Following a PhD in Molecular Biology under Nobel Laureate Dr. Sydney Brenner at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, he held a post-doctoral position at the University of Washington, Seattle. After this, he took a faculty position at Imperial College London, followed by an appointment as Professor of Molecular Biology at Queen Mary, University of London.

His research has included gene targeting in plants by homologous recombination, RNAi engineering for virus resistance in transgenic plants and transposition by DNA elements spreading antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Gi Mikawa, MD, PhD


Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Prior to joining Nemesis Bioscience, Gi was Principal Scientific Officer and a key early member of the team that created Population Genetics Technologies where he developed a novel DNA tagging technology that was subsequently licensed to New England Biolabs.

He also developed a variety of other technologies for DNA amplification via RNA and isolation of rare DNA variants from populations of DNA samples. Gi obtained his MD cum laude and PhD from the Jikei School of Medicine in Japan, and then joined the laboratory of Dr. Sydney Brenner in Cambridge, and at Lynx Therapeutics (later Illumina).

Subsequently he worked at the Molecular Sciences Institute and the Scripps Research Institute. Gi developed bacteriophage lambda peptide display and revealed the molecular mechanism of transmission of signals of  the E.coli chemotaxis receptor tar;  he performed studies using genetically engineered bacteria and bacteriophage of membrane proteins and drug/receptor interactions.

Mark McCamish, MD, PhD


Scientific Advisor

Mark led research and development of all biologics at Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals. His responsibilities included selection of the target, cloning, technical development, scale-up, pre-clinical and clinical development of biologics including interfaces with regulatory authorities worldwide.

He is a senior executive with extensive therapeutic and commercial experience in global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Previously he was Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer at PDL Biopharma, Facet Biotech and Perlegen. He also has held senior positions at Amgen and Abbott Laboratories.

Alastair Riddell, MSc. MB ChB. DSc.



Alastair Riddell MSc. MB ChB. DSc., has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical, life science and biotech industries including 20 years as main board director, 12 years as CEO and is currently Chairman of Feedback plc (AIM: FDBK), the South West Academic Health Science Network and non-executive director of AzurRx (NASDAQ: AZRX) and Cristal Therapeutics.

He has taken a number of products through the clinical trials process for companies including Lederle (now Pfizer) and Centocor (now J&J). He has led significant fund raising efforts including an IPO on UK’s main list and trade sales to Takeda in Japan and Stem Cells Inc. in the USA. He has also had several roles in UK government initiatives related to promoting cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and the NHS and assessing projects for funding with Innovate UK.