New Chairman Brings “Wealth of Experience” to Pioneering Biotech Firm

Simon Sturge, Executive Vice President of Business, Operations and Strategy at Merck Healthcare, is today confirmed as the new Chairman of Nemesis Bioscience, the British biotechnology business tackling antibiotic resistance with breakthrough technologies.

This is a very significant appointment for Nemesis given Mr Sturge’s extensive career in senior roles across the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. He founded RiboTargets; served as CEO of Celltech Biologics and Vernalis and was awarded UK Mediscience CEO of the year in 2005.

Mr Sturge joined Merck from Boehringer Ingelheim in 2014 to head up Merck Group’s Biosimilars & Allergopharma Unit – very active in developing state-of-the-art biotechnology solutions – before rising to the Executive Committee as COO of Merck Healthcare in 2015.

Paying tribute to the antimicrobial therapies invented by Cambridge and Aberystwyth-based Nemesis since its formation less than five years ago, Mr Sturge said he was looking forward to playing a part in the company’s next stage of development. “The Nemesis team has already produced remarkable results,” said Mr Sturge. “The possibilities are very significant, and I look forward to working with them to maximise the limitless potential now to hand.”

Welcoming the new Chairman to the Board, Nemesis CEO Dr Frank Massam, said: “Simon’s enormous wealth of experience spans some of the most exciting developments in life science research, and I am personally delighted to welcome him to the enterprise.

“His deep understanding of the science, as well as the commercial dynamics across the biotech sector, brings enormous value. For Simon to choose to join us now, as we set out on the next phase of our development, is a hugely encouraging vote of confidence in the work we are doing.”

That work has this year already attracted seed funding worth £1.4m from a syndicate of investors including Shionogi & Co Ltd, Coastal International Holdings and Wren Capital.

This complements support from existing investors, including the Development Bank of Wales, the UK Innovation Fund and others.

Echoing comments from Shionogi executives explaining their decision to back the business, Mr Sturge described Nemesis’s novel approach to the problem of antibiotic resistance as “very impressive.” He stressed that he was looking forward to working closely with Dr Massam, and his colleagues, on developing the potential for Transmid Technology© in the treatment of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections – seen as one of the most significant global medical challenges facing science today.